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Findlay Market | Cincinnati, Ohio

Economic Contribution

Findlay Market | Cincinnati, Ohio

Findlay Market's economic contribution includes:


The primary source of fresh food in Cincinnati's urban core.

The place of business for 35 full-time, year round merchants, 58 local farmers and cottage food producers selling directly to the public, and more than 70 seasonal and part-time vendors.

On a typical Saturday, about 300 people are working in the locally owned businesses at Findlay Market.

An estimated 881,409 shopping visits were made to Findlay Market in 2011.

Shoppers spent an estimated $30 million at Findlay Market during 2011 and almost $10 million elsewhere in Over-the-Rhine or downtown on their market trips.

Money spent at locally owned businesses like those at Findlay Market largely remains in the local economy, recirculating as wages, taxes, and purchases from local suppliers.

Shoppers surveyed since 2007 have registered more than 190 home zip codes.

Findlay Market is a third party administrator for food stamps and WIC coupons, enabling low income shoppers to buy fresh fruits and vegetables from local growers in our farmers markets.