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BLINK at Findlay Market

BLINK once if you're going. BLINK twice if you're also going...

Cincinnati is set to host one of the largest light, art and projection mapping events in the nation from October 12th-15th. This 4-day celebration will light up 20 city blocks from Findlay Market to The Banks. The festival will feature more than 70 animated light shows projected onto buildings, murals, interactive art sculptures and other light-based displays. This event is free and open to the public.

Make sure to swing by Findlay Market on Thursday, Friday and Saturday between 4-9pm and enjoy some edible art (food is art, right?) from the following vendors:

Cake Rack Bakery - Saturday

Eli's BBQ - Thurs, Fri, Sat open until 11pm
Gramma Debbie's Kitchen -
Thurs, Fri, Sat
Harvest Pizzeria - Thurs (until 10pm), Fri & Sat (until 11pm), Sun (until 9pm)
Kuya Ed's Lechon Atbpa
- Fri & Sat
LL Spirits
Market Wines
- Thurs (until 9pm), Fri, Sat, Sun (until 11pm)

Mashed Roots - Thurs, Fri, Sat
Mimi's Gourmet Egg Rolls & Curry Bowls
 - Thurs, Fri, Sat
Pho Lang Thang
The Rhined
- Thurs, Fri, Sat (until 11pm)

Taste of Belgium - Thurs, Fri, Sat
Teeny Pies -
Thurs & Fri

The OTR Biergarten will also be open until 11pm from Thursday-Sunday with live music and great local brews! Check out the music schedule below:

Thursday, Oct. 12
9-10pm: Slow Caves
10-11pm: Modern Aquatic

Friday, Oct. 13
5-7pm: John Gentry Jr.
7-8pm: New Moons
8-9pm: Beloved Youth
9-10pm: Krystal Peterson
10-11pm: Jess Lamb

Saturday, Oct. 14
4-6pm: Woody Pines
6-7pm: Sylmar
7-8pm: This Pine Box
8-9pm: Talk
9-10pm: The M.O.O.N.
10-11pm: Lemon Sky

Sunday, Oct. 15
12-3pm: Boutique
6-7pm: Blossom Hall
7-8pm: Malcolm London
8-9pm: Frontier Folk Nebraska
9-10pm: Daniel In Stereo
10-11pm: Leggy