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Findlay Market Farmstands

We’re bringing Findlay to the People! Through unique collaborations with Price Hill Will, Evanston Community Council, and the Walnut Hills Redevelopment Foundation, we’re bringing fresh, healthy local food to the community. 

  • Price Hill Farmstand, Corner of Price and Grand Avenue, Tuesday, 3-6pm
  • Walnut Hills Farmstand, NEW LOCATION! 954 East McMillan Street, Thursday, 4-7pm
  • Evanston Farmstand, 1614 Hewitt Avenue, Thursday. 3:30-6:30pm

Findlay Market has hosted a farmers market for more than 18 years and is now home to more than 40 farmers and food artisans who sell their products on Saturday and Sunday in our farmers market.

Findlay Market Farmstands will sell fresh fruits and vegetables aggregated from farmers and food artisans in the Findlay Farmers Market, as well as a limited selection of products from Findlay Market merchants. 

Each farmstand will accept Ohio Direction Card/Electronic Benefits Transfer or EBT card. Findlay Market is offering 2-for-1 incentive tokens to customers who use an Ohio Direction Card to purchase food. A customer wishing to use food assistance benefits can swipe their card at the farmstand and ask to withdraw a desired amount. The incentive is a dollar-for-dollar match for up to $10 using an Ohio Direction Card at the farmstand.

We hope you make a healthy habit of visiting a Farmstand close to you.