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Job Opportunities at Findlay Market

Market Vendor Current Openings:
Blue Oven Bakery - Bread makers needed. For more info and link to apply click here or send a cover letter and resume to blueovenbakery@gmail.com
Burton's Maplewood Farm - Looking for farmhand assistance. Pay is $15/hr (full description here). Click here to apply
Dojo Gelato has multiple positions open (full descriptions here)
Em's Bread - Barista/Sandwich maker needed. Click here to apply

Social OTR Job Openings: 

Corporation For Findlay Market Job Openings: 

Market Manager - Click here to view the full job description. If interested, email your resume and cover letter to info@findlaymarket.org.  Deadline to apply is 4/30/2020.

Findlay Market Food Innovation Intern - Click here to view the full job description. If interested, email your resume and cover letter to info@findlaymarket.org, with the subject line "Food Innovation Intern Application." Deadline to apply is 3/31/2020.

About the Corporation for Findlay Market 

The Corporation for Findlay Market (CFFM) is a private non-profit corporation founded in 2000 to manage Findlay Market following its renovation in 2002 and 2003. On July 1, 2004, CFFM and the City of Cincinnati entered into a lease and management agreement that authorize CFFM to manage and operate the market. Those agreements were renewed in 2009. The City of Cincinnati continues to provide some operating funds.

The Corporation for Findlay Market is a tax-exempt 501(C)3 organization.

Our Mission:  Historic Findlay Market connects farmers, producers, sellers and customers in a dynamic, diverse public marketplace. 

Our Vision:  Historic Findlay Market is our region’s premier destination for local food and artisan products, a dynamic public gathering place, and a vital community asset. 

Our Core Values:
  • Local: We value freshness above all, emphasizing a variety of locally grown food and unique, locally created products sold by people we know as friends and neighbors. We embrace our role as a vital anchor for a strengthened central city and Over the Rhine
  • Authentic: We value genuine human connections and social interactions that a vibrant, dynamic public marketplace promotes. We value the diversity in all definitions that exists among our merchants and our shoppers.
  • Value-minded: We believe in providing our shoppers fresh, high quality foods at fair prices and a rich product array that will satisfy a wide range of shopper needs. We provide an inclusive shopping experience that is unparalleled in our region.
  • Entrepreneurial: We create a supported environment for diverse startup businesses and the growth and sustainability of locally owned and managed businesses.
  • Responsible: We honor our role as stewards of a thriving landmark and demand integrity in our interactions with our shoppers, merchants, employees, volunteers, and community partners.