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Carriage House Farm

Carriage House Farm is a registered Ohio Century Farm located in historic North Bend, Ohio. Established in 1855, they have been family owned farm for five generations. They are a local producer of fresh, healthy produce, herbs, grains, and honey, and they supply local area restaurants, retailers, and food service providers. They happily caught their first swarm of bees this season. So, if you see a swarm, give them a call at 513-967-1106. They will travel up to 20 miles from zipcode 45052 for more bees!

Carriage House Farm will be hosting nearly two dozen dinners over the course of three seasons this year. Each dinner will reflect the personality of the chef in charge and the seasonality of the ingredients available on the farm. Thirteen patrons will enjoy an intimate meal of multiple courses on Carriage House Farm's open-air dining terrace. Chefs will prepare the food on a wood-fired oven and grill in full view of the guests. Carriage House Farm will be working with other farms and artisan producers to highlight the wonderful food culture that has developed in this region in recent years, including Chocolats Latour, Grateful Grahams, Sixteen Bricks Bakery, Mudfoot Farm, Sheltowee Farm, Weber Family Farm, and others. For more info or to purchase tickets, please go to their website.