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Market Location: 56
Phone: (513) 421-0024
Proprietor(s): Debra Krause-McDonell

Mailing Address:
117 W. Elder Street,
Cincinnati, OH 45202
Products: Spices & Seasonings; Groceries & Dry Goods; Ethnic Food & Groceries; Deli Foods; Condiments; Cheese & Dairy; Breads & Baked Goods;

Krause's offers over one hundred different German products, both imported and domestic. The grocery items include cookies, pudding mix, dumplings, cabbage, organic muesli, tea, coffee, noodles, butter, herring, and pickles. Many of these products are the popular Oetker brand. Gundelscheim sauerkraut and Gerolsteiner mineral water are customer favorites. Krause's stocks authentic German wursts from Schaller & Weber, and also from Usinger.

The largest German bakery in North America supplies Krause's with dark Roggenbrot and Dimpflmeir German rye breads. The wide selection of hams includes Westphalian and Black Forest. Lachsschinken is a cold smoked pork tenderloin, made to taste like lox. The selection of smoked fish includes sprats, bierkling, and mackerel. You'll find smoked buedkling, senf, and paprika on the spice rack.

Other European countries are also represented at Krause's. The imported prosciutto hams come from Italy and Spain. There's also a lean domestic prosciutto. Gyulai is a smoked sausage from Hungary. Csabai Hungarian salami and Teli Hungarian salami are also popular. Marzipan and several kinds of chocolate come from Switzerland. The olives are from France. Last, but certainly not least, Krause's sell hundreds of imported and domestic cheeses and is one of the best sources for quality cheese in Cincinnati. Not sure which of the many and varied kinds you like? Ask for advice and a sample!

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