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The Beautiful Bags Lady

Carolyn Mason is the proud creator of Beautiful Bags Lady. Everything in her store is handmade and environmentally friendly. Some of her best sellers include: 100% cotton shopping bags, wine bags, aprons, made-to-order walker bags, pet scarves, made-to-order chefs hats. All the bags hold up to 45 lbs, have loops to use on the grocery stands, and carry a 2 year warranty.

Her goal is to help eliminate any and all plastic bags; reusable or single use.  Reusable plastic bags and synthetic cloth bags are neither environmentally sustainable answers to a healthy planet.  Both end up in a landfill and never biodegrade.  Cotton biodegrades naturally, is stronger then any synthetic, and can be machine washed/tumble dried to last for years.

BONUS: The following Ida Candle products can be found at Beautiful Bags Lady: quality, low cost scented soy/wax candles and tarts, bath bombs, fire starters, and handmade soap. All candles are hand-poured in Union, Kentucky by shop owners Karen and Bill Buss.