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Chipotle Lime Chicken

Serves 4INGREDIENTS (WHERE TO BUY):2-2.5lbs skin-on chicken thighsLuken's Poultry, Fish and Seafood5 limes (3 for 1/2 cup lime juice, 1 for 1tsp zest, 1 for wedges)Catanzaro Produce, Daisy Mae's Market, Madison's at Findlay Market1/4 cup olive oilMt....

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4th of july fm specials sparklers

Fourth of July Weekend at Findlay Market

Everyone knows that the Fourth of July means relaxation, cookouts and a whole lot of "U-S-A" chants. But did you know that it also means sweet deals at Findlay Market? Here's what you can expect to find Fourth of July weekend:Baby Back Ribs for...

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Friends of Findlay Market President

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Sweet Corn and Bacon Salad

Yields 4 servings.INGREDIENTS (WHERE TO BUY):4 slices bacon, choppedCheck out the amazing bacon selection at Bender Meats!5 ears cornCatanzaro Produce, Daisy Mae's Market, Gaudio Produce1 garlic clove, mincedMadison's at Findlay Market 1 jalapeno,...

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Honey Mint Green Iced Tea

Yields 8 cups (64 oz)INGREDIENTS (WHERE TO BUY):8 cups hot, boiling water1/4 cup pure honeyBee Haven LLC3-4 stems fresh mintMadison's at Findlay Market, Daisy Mae's Market, Cantanzaro produce1/2 tsp pure vanilla extractDean's Mediterranean...

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Smokin  hot bbq web slider

Smokin' Hot BBQ

Findlay Market is heating up...Join us for Smokin' Hot BBQ on Sunday, August 7, 2016 from 10am to 4pm and savor the most succulent summer staple of all--delicious barbecue. Enjoy the following foods and promos at the market all day...

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Dog Days of Summer: Peanut Butter Banana Frozen Treats

Yields 24 treats.INGREDIENTS (WHERE TO BUY):6oz creamy peanut butterMadison's at Findlay Market12oz Greek yogurtDean's Medditeranean Imports1 BananaDaisy Mae's Market PREPARATION:Mash banana in a bowl. Then add peanut butter and yogurt and mix...

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Fm inthebag

It's in the Bag!

One of the fondest memories many of our shoppers have is of young people selling shopping bags for their convenience. We’re bringing this tradition back, but with a modern makeover – a formal kiosk, official t-shirts, market merchant coupons, and...

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Garlic Parmesan Yellow Squash Chips

INGREDIENTS (WHERE TO BUY):1tsp garlic powder Colonel De Gourmet Herbs and Spices1tsp dried oreganoColonel De Gourmet Herbs and SpicesSalt and pepper (to taste)4 small-medium sized yellow squashDaisy Mae's Market3tbsp olive oilMt. Kofina's, Dean's...

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Easy Summer Snack: Yogurt Bark

Ingredients (Where to Buy): 1 cup Greek Yogurt (any flavor)Madison's at Findlay Market, Dean's Mediterranean Imports1/3 cup blueberriesCatanzano Family Produce, Daisy Mae's Market, Madison's at Findlay Market1/3 cup walnutsDean's Mediterranean...

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