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Labor Day Specials

Findlay Market is the go-to place to put together the PERFECT Labor Day picnic. Check out these deals and promotions from our merchants:

Artichoke: 20% off selected wine and bar accessories

Bouchard'sspaghetti, linguine, ravioli, pasta sauces and delicious baked goods and desserts

Country Meat Co.: Porterhouse t-bone steaks - $11.99/lb

Dean's Mediterranean Imports: Stop in for fresh brined feta cheese, baba ghanouj and hummus for all your cookout and party needs!

Em's Bread:  
Hamburger buns, $6 for 6 

Gramma Debbie's Kitchen: 
For your picnic and grilling pleasure, Gramma Debbie's offers a large selection of pre-made, pre-seasoned speciality burgers, come see our assortment of chicken, turkey and lamb burgers. Plus all the sides you need for a complete labor day meal, assorted potato salads, slaws, mac and cheese and bourbon baked beans

Grayson's/Mike's Meats: Beef hoagies - $6.99/lb

Kofinas Olive Oil: 
10% discount for the extra virgin cold press olive oil

Luken's Poultry, Fish & Seafood: Crab cakes, turkey for turkey burgers, wings and more!

Mackie Quality Meats: Ribs - $5.49/lb

Madisons: Local corn and watermelon

Mama Lo Hizo: 
Paletas on sale for $2, flavors include: strawberry pineapple, strawberry kiwi, strawberry and mangonada

Neil Luken Meats: Baby back ribs - $3.99/lb, pork spare ribs - $2.49/lb, beef ribs $3.89/lb and beef short ribs - $6.99/lb

Pet Wants: American Flag peanut butter dog cookies

Roth's: local tomatoes, peaches and sweet melon

Saigon Market: Curry paste on sale for $1.00, Chaokok Coconut milk on sale for $1.50