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Findlay Market | Cincinnati, Ohio

The Findlay Market Story

Findlay Market | Cincinnati, OhioFindlay Market | Cincinnati, Ohio
Findlay Market | Cincinnati, Ohio

Most people don't develop emotional connections to the local supermarket, but everyone has a favorite story about Cincinnati's beloved Findlay Market.


Maybe you came to the market as a child, tagging along behind a grandparent who was picking up bologna and bratwurst. Perhaps you first turned to Findlay Market while you were a student, knowing that your meager food budget would stretch farther on Elder Street. Or the market might have provided your first taste of the cuisines of the world, or a little bit of local flavor in the form of homemade fudge or blackberry jam.

No matter how your Findlay Market story starts, we all share the pleasure of carrying on a tradition that is a century and a half young. Each week, we gather in this living landmark to shop, socialize, and reconnect with the people who grow and purvey our food. Together, we have embraced a shopping experience - with the emphasis on experience - that is simply irreplaceable. The quality and value of the products available is unparalleled; the diversity of our customers and the democratic approach to service is unique in the region.


Here in Cincinnati, we hold fast to the Findlay Market tradition and, in recent years, we have invested in the market's health with an eye on a brighter future. In essence, our investment is an expression of hope.


that, through the reinvigoration of Cincinnati's historic public market, we will create a ripple effect throughout Over-the-Rhine, sending ever-widening circles of growth and vitality.


that, through our support of farmers and fishmongers, butchers and bakers, shopkeepers and sandwich-makers, we will sustain Findlay Market as the primary source of fresh, local food in our region.


that a new generation of customers will be telling stories of their connection to the market in the years to come.



This week at Findlay Market, we write the next chapter of our never-ending narrative. We hope you will join us at the intersection of Elder and Pleasant Streets to add your memories to the continuing story.